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Hush CBD

CBD oil

CBD oil

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Our extra strong CBD is brought to you by the UK’s CBD market leader but is 70% cheaper compared to other CBD brands.

So, the question is, why would you pay more? Across the range, we have full control over the process from seed-to-shelf ensuring this CBD is low in price but high quality.

We go above and beyond at every level with our exceptional value and the support we give our customers. Incomparable care and pride are taken in producing the very best products.


Why You’ll Love ACCESS CBD

We produce affordable, great-tasting, high-quality CBD oil priced 70% lower than the average market price. Sound too good to be true?

It’s the honest truth; ACCESS CBD has the same CBD as more expensive extra strong CBD products in terms of the core ingredient. CBD is CBD; our oils stand up to quality, taste and accuracy in tests. Just like other CBD brands (possibly even better)!


Directions For Use

Our 4800mg extra strong CBD oils are fitted with a spray nozzle, making it easier to dose and no mess! Spray under your tongue, and hold for one to two minutes.

One spray of 4800mg CBD oil delivers 68.6mg of CBD. Allow the CBD to be fully absorbed before swallowing.


Is the 4800mg extra strong CBD oil the best strength for me?

ACCESS CBD is available in five strengths clearly displayed with our strength nomenclature. Available in:

Starter 300mg | Low 600mg | Medium 1200mg | Strong 2400mg | X-Strong 4800mg

Finding the right strength can be costly, but with ACCESS CBD you are given the choice of five strength with a price tag that allows you to increase your strength, without increasing your outgoings!

Each spray delivers 68.6mg of CBD. Are you new to CBD? We recommend starting with the lowest strength and working your way up, listening to your body’s intuition is key.


CBD Compliance

Each bottle of our extra strong CBD comes with an individual QR code that enables you to access full regulatory compliance documentation, lab reports and a video of your bottle in our state-of-the-art Cleanroom.

Simply hover your phone’s camera over the QR code and a notification will appear, tap on this notification and you will be taken to a full breakdown of your extra strong CBD oil in 4800mg.

For the latest up-to-date information on compliance surrounding CBD, click here to visit the FSA’s (Food Standards Agency) advice on CBD. This product is sold as a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease – see MHRA’s guide to what is a medical product.

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Deanna Vaughan-Bingham
Very satisfied

Thank you so much for all your quick replies and advise your product arrived promptly amazing