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Hush CBD

Hush CBD candle tins

Hush CBD candle tins

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Hush CBD candles include up to 200mg of natural CBD oil. Has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation and improve sleep and mood. We are the next candle trend with a range of unique scents and Etsy's highest-quality hemp candle products. After months spent refining and developing our products, we are thrilled to launch.

10cl- burns for up to 20 hours

20cl- Burns for up to 40 hours

How do CBD candles work?

In CBD candles, the CBD is realised similarly to the fragrance; as the candles burn, the CBD is realised, allowing you to breathe it in. 

Breathing in CBD is a very popular method of taking CBD; however, CBD candles allow you to breathe in the CBD without the toxins of tobacco or vape liquid along with a pleasant scent. 

Hush CBD candles use soy wax with high oil abortion; this means the added CBD doesn't take away from the candle's scent. These candles are very popular for this reason. 

Unfortunately, we haven't undergone any clinical trials with CBD candles; however, all our evidence suggests that CBD will still be effective while using a candle. 

Who is this candle for?
This candle is designed for everyone in mind: mums, yoga enthusiasts, students and anyone who wants help relaxing.

Hush CBD- Who are we?
We are a start-up business focusing on reducing stress and anxiety levels. We do this by providing proven natural remedies along with running well-being workshops. We are based in Cornwall and are starting to gather momentum in our growth. Having so much support for our outstanding customers drives us to improve constantly.

About Hemp
Hemp is a naturally occurring plant that has a whole range of uses. Hemp roots can be used for animal food and bedding. The stem has many uses, from fuel and plastic alternatives to a great material to make clothing. Hemp seeds have many health benefits, and the Hemp flower is used in many medical environments.

Benefits of CBD
The benefits of CBD are vast; it reduces anxiety, stress, and pain and improves sleep and general mood. All the positive feedback from our customers is incredible to hear.

Are the candles sustainable?
All our candles are sustainable; they are all made in the UK, we use eco-soy wax, and hemp is a naturally occurring plant.

Our candles are all hand-made in small batches in the South West.

Please do not use our product around children, keep it out of reach of pets, and never leave a candle burning while leaving the room.

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