The Dorset based CBD company: Hush CBD

Title: Embracing Tranquility: The Hush CBD Journey from Dorset

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Dorset, Hush CBD stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature's offerings and innovative well-being solutions. As a family business rooted in the idyllic beauty of this English county, Hush CBD has embarked on a journey to share the remarkable benefits of CBD-infused self-care products. Join us as we explore the story behind Hush CBD and the tranquil essence it brings to the realm of holistic wellness.

**The Birth of Hush CBD**

The Hush CBD story began in September 2022 when Bill Roberts, the owner, was pursuing his university degree. During his last year of studies, Bill, alongside his mother, delved into the creation of handcrafted, CBD-infused products that would later become the cornerstone of Hush CBD. Their journey commenced with local craft shows, where the unique blend of CBD and self-care resonated with those seeking natural well-being solutions.

**Crafting Tranquil Moments**

Hush CBD's commitment to quality and authenticity became evident as Bill, now a full-time entrepreneur since finishing university in June 2023, aimed to extend the calming benefits of CBD to a broader audience. The journey took the Hush CBD team to county shows, garden events, and notable festivals, including Tom Kerridge's Pub in the Park. Through these experiences, a robust and supportive community began to form around the brand.

**From Local to National: Pop-Ups at John Lewis**

The culmination of Hush CBD's dedication to well-being was marked by an invitation to host two pop-ups in John Lewis stores, located in Norfolk and Bristol. These events were a testament to the brand's growth and the positive reception of its handcrafted, CBD-infused products. Both pop-ups were met with success, laying the foundation for future endeavors and the aspiration to bring tranquility to even more individuals.

**The Essence of Hush CBD's Products**

Hush CBD's product range reflects a commitment to natural, holistic well-being. From CBD-infused candles designed to alleviate stress and anxiety to moisturizers offering relief for various skin concerns, each product is meticulously crafted with care and a dedication to quality. The incorporation of CBD, known for its potential anti-inflammatory, calming, and analgesic properties, enhances the effectiveness of these products in fostering a sense of tranquility.

**Community Building and Future Horizons**

The journey of Hush CBD extends beyond products; it is about fostering a community dedicated to well-being and embracing the tranquility that comes from self-care. The success of the John Lewis pop-ups has set the stage for future collaborations, events, and opportunities to share the benefits of CBD-infused products with an even wider audience.

As Hush CBD continues to evolve, its roots firmly planted in Dorset serve as a reminder of the brand's commitment to authenticity, quality, and the pursuit of tranquility. From the breathtaking landscapes of Dorset to the homes of individuals seeking natural well-being solutions, Hush CBD invites you to join the journey of embracing tranquility and discovering the transformative power of CBD-infused self-care.
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