A review of Hush CBD 500mg Moisturiser

This customer was a family member of a stall holder opposite us at the Devon County show 2023, she suffered with a variety of different conditions and struggled to find a solution. We gave her a sample of our 500mg Moisturiser to try and this is the feedback that she gave.


"As I mentioned at the show, I have M.S. and Systemic and Neuro Sarcoidosis. The sarcoidosis also mimics M.S.

But they are two different disorders and so have different lots of meds.

AS I mentioned I did not want to buy until I knew that it would not affect the meds that I was already on. you very kindly gave me a pot to try when I was ready. My pain is usually mainly in my leg, the nerve endings are always in 'hyper mode' (my terminology of the feeling)  It is like being in constant pins and needles that are also burning, so constant pain. Also when the leg is cold it tells the brain it is hot and when hot says its cold!
If I am honest, I did not expect this to work, but said I would try it once I knew it would not interfere with my medications.
But that night after the show my legs was so bad that I thought I would try it once before checking it all out, as I said I did not think it would help that much if at all, but I was WRONG after about 30-45 mins my leg was surprisingly quiet! WOW
It was not perfect, but I do not think it will ever be again, but I slept, and not just slept but had a great night. (I then thought it could just be placebo affect) it was not until the pain really came back did, I think there may be something to it.  I had used it Saturday night and was fine all-day Sunday and Sunday night, it was not until Monday late morning did, I have real pain again. I was travelling back to Wales that day and so when I did get home with the stress of driving my leg was bad again. So i decided to try it again before checking it out with my meds Emoji and again, good night sleep and again lasted for two nights and a day. So, I had to check out with my meds now! as it worked!!!

Well, I am pleased to say out of my 12 meds there is not any interactionsEmoji


So, thank you very much for the sample you made up for me, I Honestly did not think it would work but it does, and I look forward to ordering some more and maybe other things to Emoji"


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